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This tumblr is where I'm going to try and throw the less LJ-friendly extra information I have for Kay. Mostly fashion, atm, but possibly also food-related things, and...IDK what else, we'll see.

Because tumblr doesn't have a good way of browsing tags like LJ does, I'm keeping a list of the tags I use beneath this cut )
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I make so many damned posts on this thing that I might as well do one about the book canon for the episode Kay's from.

The novelization of "Far Beyond the Stars" is by Steven Barnes. and I have lots of Feelings on it )
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I've tried to be as general about talking about Julius as possible, because I continue to hold out hope that someone'll app him someday (they'd basically be adorable, it'd be awesome), and I don't want to step on anyone's toes by inserting my own headcanon like it's fact. But Kay is married to the bastard, and that means that I do have to reference him on occasion--so I'm going to keep track of factoids I'd dropped in here and there about him:

¶ Has written drunken professor and mutant hillbilly stories (read: Gallagher and Hogbens stories); anyone who plays Julius gets the honour of renaming those themselves.
¶ Is four years younger than Kay and thus was born in 1915.
¶ Has been married to Kay since 1940.
¶ He and Kay live somewhere off the Lexington Avenue Line.
¶ He's a fan of the Horatio Hornblower books by C.S. Forester--fairly unremarkable considering that they were hugely popular (Hemingway and Churchill both had good things to say about them).
¶ He's very invested in being English.

If, bless your heart in the most sincere way possible, you've been thinking about picking Julius up as a character, you can totally ignore what you want in these, though please let me know which bits you're sloughing off so I can adjust accordingly. :D

Also, if it sways you any towards playing him, I've made a lot of Far Beyond the Stars icons and have been meaning to make more. They're of varying quality, primarily because the screencaps I have available to me are of varying quality. (More icons involving Julius will have to wait until I have the dvds to screencap myself, bear in mind.)


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