kayeaton: (small!kay)
Kay Eaton ([personal profile] kayeaton) wrote2011-08-13 03:19 pm

eighth draft || [written]

[The handwriting is unrecognizable, having gone from this to something much closer to this; it's neat as a pin, like someone spent a lot of time working on her penmanship.]

It seems like this book is getting messages from other people (or else I don't know where all the words are coming from on the other pages), so I'll try writing a message, too. If it don't doesn't work, no one else'll know.

Can someone please tell me how I can get to Ben Davis High School from here? Mildred says we're going to start reading Romeo and Juliet today, so I can't miss class. And Miss Breibeck gets real mad if you're late to homeroom.

I'm also interested in how this book here works, if anyone happens to know. I never seen saw another like it. It's like if radio was written down. Oh, I hope anyone can actually read this.

((OOC: Replies to come from [livejournal.com profile] kayhunter~!))

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