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Kay Eaton ([personal profile] kayeaton) wrote2011-07-16 10:00 pm

sixth draft || [voice/action]

All right, if you can all listen up for a couple minutes, I've got some things you might be interested in hearing about--and I'm gonna need your input on them.

Since it sounded like people'd be interested in the possibility of having a nightclub here, we're gonna try putting something together on the second floor of Seventh Heaven. Dining, dancing, live music, the works. Opening night'll be sometime at the beginning of August, if everything goes according to plan.

What that means, though, is that we're gonna need some entertainment, and that's where you come in. If you're a musician and you've been wanting an audience, then you could have a regular gig here--any style music. I'm partial to pop, of course, but I get the feeling not everyone here likes Perry Como. Or maybe if you do standup--that could be okay, too. I don't want it turning into a whole vaudeville circuit up there, but if you're some other kind of entertainer, let me know, and we'll see if we can't fit you in somewhere.

So if you're interested, let me know here. Tell me what it you do, whether you're going to need anything there to perform, like if you play the piano, and how often we could count on you to be the evening's entertainment.

And if I haven't lost you all completely yet, if anyone's got an idea for a name for the place, I'm all ears. I name characters--turns out I'm no good at naming nightclubs.

[And with that task done, she's going to go celebrate this project getting off the ground--along with finally getting all her finished manuscripts in something approaching order that afternoon--with a trip out to Good Spirits. Can't neglect one part of Luceti's nightlife ("nightlife") for the other, after all. She'll be there for an hour or two, in a yellow cocktail dress, because it's just not fun to go out if you don't get a little dressed up.]

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