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Threadhopping with this character?: Totally cool.

Backtagging with this character?: Backdating stuff is my lifeblood. It is totally cool and more likely than not going to be necessary due to the nature of my schedule. That said, I'm not particularly used to making threads go on for-eh-ver; if it feels like we've hit a good place to end, I probably will, even if we haven't been going very long. Let me know if there was something more you wanted to do, and we can revisit that tag!

Hugging this character?: Go ahead and try, but she'd prefer you were a friend before you made the attempt.

Giving this character a kiss?: On the cheek, maybe, if you're a friend or European. Other advances will be soundly rebuffed, though you're welcome to make the attempt. eta 07.22.11: Please contact me first. Trying to steal a kiss from Kay is a gamechanger (if you'll pardon the turn of phrase) in a way I really didn't anticipate but should have. Because of the context she's from, it's not something her opinion of the character who tries it will easily recover from, because it means she won't feel safe around said character anymore. Someone willing to invade her personal space in that way, even if the context is humorous OOC, is someone who might be willing to do more, and that's something she won't let herself ignore or forget.

Something more intimate?: Madly in love with a man named Julius, sorry. As above--go ahead and proposition her, but don't be surprised at the reply. eta 07.22.11: It would probably be best if you gave me the heads-up on this, too. There are contexts in which it wouldn't leave her in weird straits, but I can't generalize as to what they might be, so I'd prefer to play it safe than be blindsided.

Relationships?: Unless you happen to be called Julius Eaton, she's interested in relationships of a platonic nature only.

Punching this character (provided they can fight back): If it comes up in a context where it's appropriate for your character to react that way, then that's fine. Since she has basically no fighting ability, however, she'll be high-tailing it out of there immediately after.

Injury?: Let's talk about it first, but--hey, yeah, sure, in theory.

Death?: If the circumstances warrant it, I'm willing.

Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?: Nah. Her worldview won't be destroyed by most topics of conversation.

Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character?:
1. It seems like it's the thing to mention alignments, so you heard it here first: Kay's Neutral Good. She aims to do the right thing, but she knows damned well that "the right thing" often has nothing to do with what's legal, socially acceptable, or otherwise carried down from on high. She's experienced enough sexism, and watched her husband, Julius, and her friend, Benny Russell, experience enough racism to take the rules for granted. Some rules are good, like "spell things correctly when you're submitting for publication"; she'll hold onto those. Some are terrible, like "don't end a sentence in a preposition"; up with those, she will not put.

2. Kay is canonically familiar with every Star Trek up through Deep Space 9 (it's stated in the novel that Benny Russell basically wrote TOS and TNG as short stories back in the late 40s, early 50s). She's also very likely to be familiar with any book or radio-based characters who were popular in the mid-20th century. If you'd rather avoid fourth-walling, please let me know, and she won't make any intimations toward recognizing your character.

3. You're more than welcome to fourth-wall her if your character would have any reason to know anything about DS9. Actually, please do, in that case--she'll find her relative fictional state fascinating.

4. When in doubt, please contact me. I love to talk to people, but I'm terribly shy--but I promise I don't bite. Birds of a feather: let's flock together.

A note on historical accuracy and language choice: Kay is from 1953, a time when the word "sexism" hasn't even been coined, and because of that, she occasionally says things what wouldn't be considered okay today, for good reason. That means that she's very liable to refer to colored people, queers, and other charming epithets as the associated subjects come up. I don't take using such epithets lightly, and I don't advocate their use outside of the fiction where they're appropriate...but the episode she comes from doesn't shy away from them, and I think it would be disingenuous of me to ignore that aspect of her milieu.

That said, you may be assured of the following things:
1. I will never use the N-word IC (or OOC, for that matter), even in situations where it's historically appropriate. That is one I am more than willing to compromise on.

2. I will always be willing to listen and discuss with you if you're concerned by my use of a word or phrase. I'm happy to be as transparent as possible regarding my decisions in this arena and will put up an entire OOC post on the subject if deemed necessary.

3. Your characters are completely welcome to tell her to stop saying X word, to be offended by her use of language, or to dislike her because of it without worry of me growing butthurt over the fact. IC actions have IC consequences, and I'm aware of that.

4. If you're uncomfortable with a particular word, phrase, or the entire idea of historical language choices, please contact me and let me know. I will note as much and find other ways for Kay to say things when threading with your characters.

If you have any questions on my policies in these situations, please feel free to contact me, either privately or as a reply to this post. My contact information can be found in the first post in this journal.